Football Betting Lines Explained 2022

Football Betting Lines Explained 2022

Football is the most popular sport in the world and therefore also the biggest market for sports games. As the sport grew in popularity in North America, it began to attract the same amount of action and attention in the United States as it did in Europe. With the start of the World Cup and Premier League in full swing it is the perfect time to bet on football.

Football Betting Lines Explained

In order to understand football betting lines, you need to understand the essential workings of football and the sport. Generally, soccer is a low scoring sport played over 90 minutes (two halves of 45 minutes). Unlike most other sports, the game of soccer does not always give a zero-sum result. In regular matches, when both teams draw, they can win, lose or draw. Most soccer games are limited to that regulation time, with additional “stop time” counted by the referee throughout the game. Because of this, most football betting lines are set and rated at the result of the 90 minute regulation time. However, some matches are “knockout matches” where a team is eliminated via result. In such a case, teams will play two innings of 15 minutes or less of “overtime” resulting in a tie. Each team will decide the match by penalty shootout if necessary. All matches after the group stage follow this format in the World Cup.

Football Money Line

The moneyline is the one of most basic way to bet on any sport betting. Ask to pick a winner, determine the odds for each team based on their implied probability of winning the game. However, because soccer is a low scoring game and can end in a draw after 90 minutes of play, the three-way moneyline is the preferred method of betting on football odds.

Football Betting Lines Explained

Spread Football

Another way to bet on football odds is the spread, also known as the point spread or handicap. Sportsbook usually sets the football spread between 0.5 and 2 goals. Even so, depending on the competition between the two teams, it could be wider. Like other sports, the favorite has a negative number (or score), while the underdog has a plus number (score). For example, the favorite in a game might have a spread of -1.5. This means you must win the game by two or more goals to cover the spread. Conversely, the underdog must lose by 1 goal or less to cover or win the game outright. The price of placing a bet or “juice” or vig accompanies each spread. Sometimes prices may be the same or slightly different. In other cases, if the oddsmakers estimate that one team will be more likely to cover the spread than the other, the numbers will widen.

Goal Lines: Total Over/Under

The total over/under known as the goal line in soccer is the same as the total in most other sports such as soccer and basketball rom In simple terms, the odds maker sets the expected total for an event and bets on whether the final total will be over or under that total. Sportsbooks sometimes set the total to a higher number like 3.5. However, for most matches, it’s usually not lower than 2.5. It also sets a total for each team, which is called the team total. In addition, you can often bet on half the amount.

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Football Gift

Giveaways can be a fun and lucrative way to turn bigger picture knowledge into big payoffs. Futures are long-term odds markets that are often determined before the start of a season or tournament or updated after each day or round of play. Football futures odds change throughout a campaign or event based on results, injuries, trends and betting action. Bettors can place futures bets on a variety of markets, including team results and individual awards. Typical futures markets in soccer include the competition winner, team relegation and the individual player who will score the most goals (or the Golden Boot winner). The Euro and World Cup usually offer these markets and more. The tournament is organized as a group stage where two teams advance. One team is the winner and the other is the runner-up.